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Ana Isabel Rodríguez Vázquez
Research Team

Doctor in Communication Sciences and professor of the Department of Communication Sciences of the University of Santiago de Compostela. In the professional field he directed the informative spaces of the Local Television of Lugo, directed and presented the program “Os nosos pobos” in TVE-Galicia, was coordinator of contents of Ophiusa, S.L. and deputy general director of Interdix Galicia, S.L., promoter of the portal www.galiciadixital.com. Moreover, she was a correspondent for Diario 16 de Galicia. His research focuses on the study of local television, television news, programming and audiences in television and audiovisual production.

eDCINEMA: Towards the European Digital Space. The role of small cinemas in original version.
Ministerio de Economía e Competitividade
From the perspective of cultural and creative industries, the cinema stands out as one of the most representative territories for innovation and application of digital technologies, in both levels of production and diffusion of works. However, by having to face a “very competitive audiovisual context worldwide” (see the European Parliament…
Audiencias crossmedia: nuevas métricas y perfiles profesionales en los medios españoles
El Profesional de la Información
The relation between infomediary sector and audience measurement is tight: six out of ten entities cited by Spanish companies as data & information source providers are closely related to this area of audience measurement. The media convergence leads to loss of value of some former studies. Alternative sources are used,…
Hacia el Total View y la medición integrada: la televisión pública y su conexión con la audiencia
La comunicación en la nueva sociedad digital
Total Brand / Total View / Total Audience, total, integrated and crossmedia measurement, is the immediate final destination of the changes that are being made in audience measurement systems. Although not all the value is quantitative, public television, like the rest of the media in the current digital communication ecosystem,…
Cines nacionales y lenguas no hegemónicas. La invisibilidad del gallego frente a las políticas de diversidad cultural
CIC Cuadernos de Información y Comunicación
In the spirit of the proposals of the Agenda 2020 about the structural role of cinema in the configuration of the European identities, this article highlights the significance of the national cinemas in non-hegemonic languages in the conformation of a diverse European culture. Following this perspective, we use Galician cinema…
From transmedia to repurposing journalism. Elpais. com press coverage about case of ebola in Spain
Profesional de la Informacion
Transmedia storytelling has become a useful strategy for fiction, documentaries, and for marketing and corporate communication. However, the study of this new tool applied to journalism and reporting has received less attention and has been more recent and theoretical. The aim of the present work is to determine whether or…
La situación profesional de los periodistas españoles: las repercusiones de la crisis en los medios
Revista Latina de Comunicación Social
This research analyzes the professional, labor and economic situation of journalists in Spain in the last five years, a period in which the crisis and media convergence coincide with the digitalization process. Method. To know the characteristics of the current scenario we conducted a qualitative and quantitative analysis with surveys…
Debates abertos en torno aos medios públicos audiovisuais galegos: xustificar o inxustificable?
Anuário Internacional da Comunicaçao Lusófona 2012. Medios públicos e espazo lusófono. Santiago de Compostela: Lusocom/Agacom
The context of the deep economic crisis puts the public media in general, and to Galicia in particular, at the crossroads of values that require them to justify the unjustifiable, meaning this last not need justification because it is obvious. TV and in times of crisis. And the questions that…
A discapacidade en imaxe
Análise de contido, tratamento estético e linguaxe dos informativos audiovisuais en Galicia
Anuário Internacional de Comunicação Lusófona 2008
Within the framework of a research project of the Audiovisual Studies Group of the Department of Communication Sciences of the USC, an audiovisual information management system has been designed with the objective of periodically monitoring the news of the radio stations. and television in Galicia with higher ratings and regional…
Análise de contido, tratamento e estética, e de linguaxe dos informativos de radio e televisión
Actas do Congreso Internacional Fundacional AE-IC I+C Investigar la Comunicación
Within the framework of a research project of the Group of Audiovisual Studies of the Department of Communication Sciences of the USC, a system of audiovisual information expenditure has been designed with the objective of carrying out a periodic follow-up of the news of the radio stations. and television in…
A identidade galega nas televisións estatais e na TVG
A impronta sociocultural da televisión local.: o valor da identidade local no mundo global. O impacto das novas tecnoloxías da dimensión televisiva de proximidade. O caso galego
AGIR (Asociaçao para a Investigaçao e Desenvolvimento Sócio-Cultural)
Radiografía de la Televisión Local en Galicia
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