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Ana Isabel Rodríguez Vázquez
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PhD in Communication Sciences and full professor in the Department of Communication Sciences at the University of Santiago de Compostela. Her main research and teaching interests include the study of audiences, the circulation of audiovisual products and news consumption, television and audiovisual structure, television news and local television, among other subjects. In her professional field, she directed the news programmes of Televisión Lugo, directed and presented the programme “Nuestros pueblos” in TVE-Galicia, was content coordinator of Productora Ophiusa, S.L. and assistant general manager of Interdix Galicia, S.L., promoter of the portal www.galiciadixital.com.

eDCINEMA: Towards the European Digital Space. The role of small cinemas in original version.
Ministerio de Economía e Competitividade
From the perspective of cultural and creative industries, the cinema stands out as one of the most representative territories for innovation and application of digital technologies, in both levels of production and diffusion of works. However, by having to face a “very competitive audiovisual context worldwide” (see the European Parliament…
The media through the prism of the Spanish audience: a matter of confidence
This research aims to identify the news consumption preferences of Spanish citizens in terms of their choice of channels and journalistic brands, and the reasons that justify them. It also analyses media subscription conditions and evaluates the use of digital channels and mobile devices for access. This is a quantitative…
Intersections between TikTok and TV: Channels and Programmes Thinking Outside the Box
Journalism and Media
The rise of the TikTok social network has caused the media to confront the younger generation. The platform, which hosts dances, challenges, and funny short videos, has unique features that force a reinvention of social networking strategies. Television has become social and has expanded to new platforms, while young people…
Social perception of journalism in Spain
Journalism is undergoing substantial changes derived from technological evolution and the social interaction that this evolution makes possible, especially the participation of the public in the construction of the storytelling. Apart from the traditional and digital media, new parajournalistic formulas are allowing the circulation of false or malicious content. These…
Analysis Model for YouTube Channels: Application to Digital Native Media
Revista Latina De Comunicación Social
Introduction: The participation in YouTube of an international sample of reference digital native media is analyzed based on a model proposed by the authors. Methodology: The evaluation takes into account the variables that characterize the journalistic models of content production and distribution in current convergent scenarios, such as the implementation…
YouTube as a press distribution channel in Spain
Estudios sobre el Mensaje Periodístico
We are witnessing an unprecedented development of web traffic in digital native newspapers, so that we can already refer to a manifest coexistence between these media and the matrix ones. This emerging phase of the natives as reference media in the Spanish press allows us to identify a revitalization of…
Conventions and disruptions in the coverage of political events in linear and social TV. 2019 26M election night analysis
El Profesional de la Información
Through a mixed method, the linear (live), social (social media) and audience participation (live-tweeting) offer during the special information program of March, 26th 2019 electoral night in La 1 of TVE and La sexta is analysed. We had the hypothesis that television consumption has changed with the competition of VoD-OTT…
European Public Television’s innovation in the digital audiovisual offer: new platforms for Generation Z
Revista De La Asociación Española De Investigación De La Comunicación
The digital revolution experienced in recent years has forced television corporations to develop new strategies of content production and dissemination. The commitment to complement its main offer with other services aims to adapt television corporations to the consumption habits of new generations. In this investigation, through a quantitative exploraty-descriptive analysis…
Emerging Journalistic Profiles Recognized in the University: Research, Conceptualization and Offer in the Degree
Emerging Journalistic Profiles Recognized in the University: Research, Conceptualization and Offer in the DegreeThe reshaping of journalistic profiles poses one of the main professional and formative challenges in the coming decades. While the media assume the new roles in a changing process of ‘trial and error’, universities look into these…
Education and Communication Public Policy: Discussions and Developments
Relations between citizens and mass media are becoming increasingly complex, making it necessary to plan and design education in a hypermediatic society, where new challenges arise: education has got the primary responsibility of training citizens to consume and produce in a media ecosystem with great capacities and potentialities for new…
Audiencias crossmedia: nuevas métricas y perfiles profesionales en los medios españoles
El Profesional de la Información
The relation between infomediary sector and audience measurement is tight: six out of ten entities cited by Spanish companies as data & information source providers are closely related to this area of audience measurement. The media convergence leads to loss of value of some former studies. Alternative sources are used,…
Nuevos medios y medios tradicionales en la red. Espacios de opinión e interacción política en la era Trump
Icono 14. Revista científica de Comunicación y Tecnologías Emergente
In the context of the political and media confrontation of the last presidential elections of the United States of America, this research compares the impact and scope of the traditional media’s political opinion (The New York Times and The Washington Post) against two digital native media (The Huffington Post and…
Periodismo de futuro y con futuro
Periodismo con futuro. Puentes Rivera, I.; Campos Freire, F.; López García, X. (coords).
Journalism has present and future. It is said by many academics, professional organizations and social and political actors. But that is not enough. It is not about convictions, desires or good intentions. The debates on the journalism future, needed and opportune in this time of transformation and change, feed declarations…
El “cambio de ola” en la investigación de audiencias
Efectos en la planificación estratégica de los medios
Periodismo con futuro. Puentes Rivera, I.; Campos Freire, F.; López García, X. (coords).
The updating of the communication paradigm in the digital era urges media to examine in deep its productive processes as well as its strategies to approach an audience that demands new enriched experiences, also in the consumption of informative products. Digital audiences position journalism in a new scenario of changes…
Hacia el Total View y la medición integrada: la televisión pública y su conexión con la audiencia
La comunicación en la nueva sociedad digital
Total Brand / Total View / Total Audience, total, integrated and crossmedia measurement, is the immediate final destination of the changes that are being made in audience measurement systems. Although not all the value is quantitative, public television, like the rest of the media in the current digital communication ecosystem,…
Docencia universitaria 2.0. Efectos de la Web 2.0 en la docencia universitaria como objeto de estudio en las revistas españolas de comunicación
Revista Latina de Comunicación Social (RLCS)
The emergence of the so called Web 2.0 has substantially changed the ways of communication and formation in this fiald also should have present the new environment. The present work carries out an analysis of the research on universitary teaching an social media in the period 2010-2015.
Competencias tecnológicas y nuevos perfiles profesionales: desafíos del periodismo actual
The paper aims at understanding the intersections between technology and the professional practices in some of the new trends in journalism that are using the new tools: multimedia journalism, immersive journalism and data journalism. The great dilemma facing journalism when training new professionals –especially the youngest– is not anymore the…
El periodismo biónico: fortalezas y amenazas para una profesión en cambio
Estudios sobre el Mensaje Periodístico
Journalism, which finds itself mired in the metamorphosis of the network society, should adopt techniques that allow it to meet the new challenges of complex societies of the third millennium. Although never before have been so many researches on journalism carried out, the application of that scientific knowledge comes too…
Conectar con el público: diseño estratégico de las comunidades de usuarios por la TV convergente
Observatorio (OBS) Journal
The challenges of human interaction go through the basic need to connect. TV digitization resulted in a converged environment that strengthens the “de-massification of the mass media“. The increasingly personalized, targeted, shared and commented consumption require strategies to connect directly to each user, while seeking his own connection with other…
Alén das Fronteiras. Redes na diversidade
Alén das Fronteiras. Redes na diversidade. Actas do I Congresso Internacional da Asociación Galega de Investigadoras e Investigadores en Comunicación
It is always a motive of pride to present the achieves to a scientific meeting. But in this case it becomes specially relevant since under the title Alén das fronteiras: redes na diversidade, the AGACOM, Galician association of researchers on Communication, celebrates its first international congress. The event conjugates, therefore,…
Television and Social Networks
An analysis of the influence of Live-Tweeting in the Social Audiences
Recent Advances in Information Systems and Techologies. Álvaro Rocha, Ana Maria Correia, Hojjat Adeli, Luís Paulo Reis, Sandra Costanzo (eds.)
Social networks have transformed the conception of the television audience. In order to adapt to a viewer increasingly active on the Internet, televisions conducted social media strategies to generate interactivity and attract users to their social profiles. One of them is based on the live-tweeting phenomenon, in which the conversation…
Experimentar, innovar e aprender
Media e jornalismo de proximidade na era digital. Pedro Jerónimo (org.)
20 years of ciberjournalism of proximity have allowed many and varied initiatives in different places of the globe. We can sum up the way, that allows us to speak of a majority of age of Ciberjournalism in this modality, at least in the conventions applied to the evolution of people,…
La industria de la comunicación en Galicia (2010-2015)
Observatorio Europeo de los Estudios en Comunicación. Competencias y Formación en Comunicación para el Empleo en la Economía Digital. Vivar-Zurita, H. e Abuín-Vences, N. (Eds.)
Mobile Devices: The New Challenge for the Newspaper and Book Industry in Spain
Palabra Clave
This article analyzes the changes introduced by new mobile devices in more traditional European cultural industries: the newspaper and the publishing industry. After evaluating the current situation in both sectors in Spain, this reflects on the real change that is occurring in the media ecosystem, due to the emergence of…
Software, statistics, and database management for data journalists
El profesional de la información
Journalists must update their competencies and skills to produce quality articles for today’s digital environment. New roles for journalists include data journalists, network managers, multimedia journalists, content curators, and mobile journalists. This article analyzes the evolution of the data journalist from its earliest beginnings to the present. The analysis includes…
Transcoding strategies for prime TV genres in Spain
El profesional de la información
Today’s TV context is defined by new services like view-on-demand, “extra” content, and conversations with the audience. The public has more power to decide what to view and can influence the programming with their comments. Because of this, TV channels have created strategies to improve the online products and encourage…
O xornalismo en transición, a antesala dun modelo de ‘Total Journalism’
Intercom. Revista Brasileira de Ciências da Comunicação
Journalism is undergoing for a strong metamorphosis in the process of reconfiguration of the media scene. The impact of the internet on the news routines was a turning point in the professional practice. No one doubts the relevance of the recent changes. There have been changes both in the search…
El fact checking como reclamo y como servicio en los cibermedios
Análisis de las experiencias de The Washington Post y The Guardian
The fact checking, one of the new information verification systems sponsored by technology, seems to gain prominence in the main cybermedia. This article analyses the fact checking model developed by The Guardian and The Washington Post, where it is found that the verifying processes are mainly applied to Politics and…
La televisión de proximidad como eje de la oferta audiovisual cercana
El papel de TVG en Galicia
Television has shown its strengths in the formation of the present media environment, which has been built around the new paradigm of the global communication: the Internet. The best evidence of this assertion is the growing audience share of the different TV offerings. All this has been made possible by…
Cara o espazo dixital europeo
Análise das políticas de distribución do cine galego no contexto das cinematografías pequenas en versión orixinal
A construción da(s) identidade(s) a través da comunicación. Anais do XI Congreso LUSOCOM 2014
Looking for a Place in Social Media Without Getting Trapped in Networks
New Advances in Information Systems and Technologies. Álvaro Rocha, Ana Maria Correia, Hojjat Adeli, Luis Paulo Reis, Marcelo Mendonça Teixeira (coord.)
Journalism today is looking for new ways to ensure its survival in a context of reconfiguration of media and communication processes. It tests several options, even it is aware that it is at risk of being trapped in some dimensions of the digital world. As the change progresses, there arise…
From transmedia to repurposing journalism. Elpais. com press coverage about case of ebola in Spain
Profesional de la Informacion
Transmedia storytelling has become a useful strategy for fiction, documentaries, and for marketing and corporate communication. However, the study of this new tool applied to journalism and reporting has received less attention and has been more recent and theoretical. The aim of the present work is to determine whether or…
La situación profesional de los periodistas españoles: las repercusiones de la crisis en los medios
Revista Latina de Comunicación Social
This research analyzes the professional, labor and economic situation of journalists in Spain in the last five years, a period in which the crisis and media convergence coincide with the digitalization process. Method. To know the characteristics of the current scenario we conducted a qualitative and quantitative analysis with surveys…
Investigar la comunicación en Loja-ecuador
El valor de la formación, producción y consumo
Investigar la comunicación is a collective work of investigations of 22 authors in the area of study of communication in Ecuador and in a international level. For those who do not have information about it, Loja is traditionally known for its richness in culture, music, and as a university city.…
Debates abertos en torno aos medios públicos audiovisuais galegos: xustificar o inxustificable?
Anuário Internacional da Comunicaçao Lusófona 2012. Medios públicos e espazo lusófono. Santiago de Compostela: Lusocom/Agacom
The context of the deep economic crisis puts the public media in general, and to Galicia in particular, at the crossroads of values that require them to justify the unjustifiable, meaning this last not need justification because it is obvious. TV and in times of crisis. And the questions that…
A discapacidade en imaxe
Análise de contido, tratamento estético e linguaxe dos informativos audiovisuais en Galicia
Anuário Internacional de Comunicação Lusófona 2008
Within the framework of a research project of the Audiovisual Studies Group of the Department of Communication Sciences of the USC, an audiovisual information management system has been designed with the objective of periodically monitoring the news of the radio stations. and television in Galicia with higher ratings and regional…
Análise de contido, tratamento e estética, e de linguaxe dos informativos de radio e televisión
Actas do Congreso Internacional Fundacional AE-IC I+C Investigar la Comunicación
Within the framework of a research project of the Group of Audiovisual Studies of the Department of Communication Sciences of the USC, a system of audiovisual information expenditure has been designed with the objective of carrying out a periodic follow-up of the news of the radio stations. and television in…
A identidade galega nas televisións estatais e na TVG
A impronta sociocultural da televisión local: o valor da identidade local no mundo global
O impacto das novas tecnoloxías da dimensión televisiva de proximidade. O caso galego
AGIR (Asociaçao para a Investigaçao e Desenvolvimento Sócio-Cultural)
Radiografía de la Televisión Local en Galicia
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