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Alén das Fronteiras. Redes na diversidade

It is always a motive of pride to present the achieves to a scientific meeting. But in this case it becomes specially relevant since under the title Alén das fronteiras: redes na diversidade, the AGACOM, Galician association of researchers on Communication, celebrates its first international congress. The event conjugates, therefore, three anchors –frontiers, nets and diversity– which are interconnected by language, that big communal construction in history, and which continue, in a thought level, the teachings of well known authors as Stuart Hall: shared interest in the world around us and our own place in it. That is to say, sharing interests with the world around us and about our place in it.

Author: Margarita Ledo Andión Ana Isabel Rodríguez Vázquez , Francisco Campo, Carlos Toural, Xosé Rúas, Carmen Costa, María Salgueiro, Marta Rodríguez (Eds) Year: 2017Titulo: Alén das Fronteiras. Redes na diversidade Category: Book Title magazine/book: Alén das Fronteiras. Redes na diversidade. Actas do I Congresso Internacional da Asociación Galega de Investigadoras e Investigadores en ComunicaciónCity: Santiago de CompostelaCountry: Galicia (España)Editorial: Universidade de Santiago de CompostelaISBN: 978-84-697-7826-5URL:
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