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Transcoding strategies for prime TV genres in Spain

Today’s TV context is defined by new services like view-on-demand, “extra” content, and conversations with the audience. The public has more power to decide what to view and can influence the programming with their comments. Because of this, TV channels have created strategies to improve the online products and encourage public participation. Success also depends on social TV and VoD. The objective of this study was to analyze how Spanish prime time has adapted to new media and how programs are managing interactions with the audience. In order to do the analysis, the three main TV groups –RTVE, Atresmedia, Mediaset– were chosen and all the programs were categorized into three genres. The results revealed a weakness in the interactivity strategy of television programs, especially in the informative genres.

Author: Ana Isabel Rodríguez Vázquez , Sabela Direito-Rebollal, Diana Lago-Vázquez Year: 2016Titulo: Transcoding strategies for prime TV genres in Spain Category: Scientific article Title magazine/book: El profesional de la informaciónVolume: 25Number: 3Beginning page: 413Ending page: 422ISSN: 1699-2407URL:
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