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Television and Social Networks

An analysis of the influence of Live-Tweeting in the Social Audiences

Social networks have transformed the conception of the television audience. In order to adapt to a viewer increasingly active on the Internet, televisions conducted social media strategies to generate interactivity and attract users to their social profiles. One of them is based on the live-tweeting phenomenon, in which the conversation is encouraged through publications on Twitter during the broadcast of the programme. This research analyses the effectiveness of live-tweeting as a strategy for promoting user traffic on social networks and its impact in the social audience. According to a quantitative methodology, we have selected four Spanish prime time programmes broadcasted during the first half of September 2016. The aim is to study the network of interactions generated around the programme during its broadcast and the degree of influence of the official profiles in each case.

Author: Ana Isabel Rodríguez Vázquez , Sabela Direito-Rebollal, Diana Lago-Vázquez Year: 2017Titulo: Television and Social Networks Category: Book chapter Title magazine/book: Recent Advances in Information Systems and Techologies. Álvaro Rocha, Ana Maria Correia, Hojjat Adeli, Luís Paulo Reis, Sandra Costanzo (eds.)Volume: 3Beginning page: 111Ending page: 119Country: SuízaEditorial: Springer
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