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Xan Gómez Viñas

Bachelor of Journalism (specializing in Electronic Journalism) by the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the University of Santiago de Compostela in 2004. He obtained the Diploma of Advanced Studies with a research work on the director Helena Lumbreras and he was awarded a doctorate in 2015 with the thesis Do amateur ao militante: implicacións políticas e estéticas do cinema en formato non profesional na Galiza dos anos 70

As a journalist, he worked in the communication department of Vieiros, Compostela Cultura, Netclub, Emprendia, AGN, IGAPE and Auditorio de Galicia. He was a founding member of the Cineclube de Compostela and publishes cinematographic criticism in various specialized media. In 2012, directed with Pablo Cayuela the documentary film Fóra, released at the CPH: DOX in Copenhagen. Currently, he is a partner worker of NUMAX NUMAX and its communication officer.

The project “Cinema, diversity and networks” aims to know and analyze the reception of Galician film products, based on certain technological variables that affect the new modes of circulation of film and audiovisual production, in those countries with migrant communities which are signified by their status as citizens with the…
The Lusophone countries constitute a plural and asymmetric geo-linguistic space with a common thread, a division of languages of the same linguistic system of inestimable value of use –and of change– for the circulation of products of the cultural industries. The project of research and development “Lusofonía, Interactividade e Interculturalidade”…
O Cine en Galiza, un relato descontinuo
Marcas na paisaxe. Para unha historia do cinema en lingua galega. Margarita Ledo Andión (coord.)
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