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Periodismo de futuro y con futuro

Journalism has present and future. It is said by many academics, professional organizations and social and political actors. But that is not enough. It is not about convictions, desires or good intentions. The debates on the journalism future, needed and opportune in this time of transformation and change, feed declarations in favor of the the search of responses to the threats for the informative activity. Journalism belongs to the society, it is in the society and society must want it to continue accomplishing its role. For that, in addition to declarations, steps must be given to reinforce appropriate frames for the practice of a good journalism, in a society where media give account to and establish alliances with citizenship.

Author: Ana Isabel Rodríguez Vázquez , Xosé López García, Jorge Vázquez Herrero e Cruz Negreira Rey. Year: 2018Titulo: Periodismo de futuro y con futuro Category: Book chapter Title magazine/book: Periodismo con futuro. Puentes Rivera, I.; Campos Freire, F.; López García, X. (coords). Beginning page: 13Ending page: 21City: PortoCountry: PortugalEditorial: MediaXXI. FormalpressISBN: 978-989-729-195-1
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