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La renovación del periodismo en la sociedad en red
The journalism has become complex in the complex contemporary society. Any approach to current journalism, for thorough it intents to be, always takes the risk of resulting partial because in the world panorama there are many journalistic nuances. There is not only one way of understanding journalism, despite there are…
Anais do XI Congreso Lusocom
Vida en sombras
El cine español en el laberinto (1939-1953)
The book, born from the homonymous season of Reina Sofía’s Museum, seeks to give light to one of the darkest times of the Spanish film history. An age marked by the organization imposed by the dictatorial regime, that has arrived to our days with the heavy charge of clichés that…
La televisión pública regional
El caso de Televisión de Galicia: digitalización y evolución tecnológica en Televisión de Galicia (1985-2012)

«This thesis analyzes the technological evolution of the TV of Galicia (TVG) since the launch of the first broadcasts in 1985 until the year 2012, which inaugurated what we could consider the first MAM digitalization of this company in the Delegation Provincial de Lugo of the autonomous public television of…
Alén das Fronteiras. Redes na diversidade
It is always a motive of pride to present the achieves to a scientific meeting. But in this case it becomes specially relevant since under the title Alén das fronteiras: redes na diversidade, the AGACOM, Galician association of researchers on Communication, celebrates its first international congress. The event conjugates, therefore,…
Fernando Rey. Cabaleiro de cinema (1917-2017)
Cine y exilio. Forma(s) de la ausencia
What could has been perhaps one of the causes of the republican defeat, that bustling disorder of the febrile and burning masses that  inhabit the war reports of the loyal band to the democratic government, would turn later into in the most painful procession of humiliated and mutilated people, barely…
A foresta e as árbores
Para unha historia do cinema en lingua galega (2)
«So o enunciado A foresta e as árbores, neste novo volume adentrámonos na análise dunha mostra representativa de filmes que, en presente, contrúen, balizan e normalizan un ámbito singular da cultura: producir películas na lingua propia de Galiza […] Sobordando tópicos, este é un libro no que as árbores deixan…
Medios Públicos e Espazo Lusófono. Anuario Lusocom 2012
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