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María Soliña Barreiro
Research Team

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Mª Soliña Barreiro González is a PhD in Social Communication at Pompeu Fabra University, lecturer in the Department of Communication at the University of Santiago de Compostela and member of the research group GEA (Grupo de Estudos Audiovisuais). Her lines of research focus on documentary film, visual representations of work, and cinema of the neighbourhood. She is the author of several articles published in scientific journals such as Literature&Film Quarterly and Communication & Society. She published a monograph entitled A revolta na mirada: as imaxes do tempo no cinema de vangarda europeo dos anos vinte (PUZ, 2022).

Permanent Seminar on Communication and Gender
The persistence of the androcentric discourse in the contents, the editorial line and the organizational structures of the current media reflects and perpetuates an asymmetric and dysfunctional society that silences and disables divergent positions. In order to put an end to this disabling dynamic, the construction of audiences and collectives…
This volume is the result of the collaboration between academia, the audiovisual sector and citizens, united by the concern about the consequences that the new General Law on Audiovisual Communication will have for the Galician audiovisual sector and the cultural and linguistic diversity of the sector, with the aim of…
Angueiras de sal. Novas olladas á costa galega
Angueiras de sal. Novas olladas á costa galega
Novas olladas á costa galega was the closing event of the Encontro de Fotografía Documental Contemporánea Galega titled Fx: Ollos para ver. The project, promoted by the Grupo de Estudos Audiovisuais de la Universidade de Santiago de Compostela in conjunction with the photographic collective Ollo, ended with a documentary photography…
The vindication of a dialogic and inclusive interculturality, through small cinematographies, emerges as an effective alternative to the incessant questioning of the European identity and its common culture, subjected both to the exogenous pressure of global multimedia groups and to the endogenous proliferation of extremist reactions to any social, ethnic,…
Històries del Punt: oral memory and minor archives for a history of industrial Mataró from below
Documentación de las Ciencias de la Información
Històries del Punt is a documentary and community project for the valorisation of the memory of the working class of Mataró (Barcelona) through the recovery and reuse of sources traditionally considered minor for history and audiovisuals (amateur photographs, images from local television, industrial films and oral memory). Its aim is to…
The visual strategies of struggle: domestic workers in hybrid filmic forms of confronting reality in Spain (2000-2020)
This article studies the critical and activist documentaries produced in Spain in the last twenty years that address the situation of invisibility and exploitation of domestic workers and hotel maids. In these films, the features of labor struggles permeate the filmic construction. These documentaries are characterized by the work on…
Found in Translation: Film Festivals, Documentary and the Preservation of Linguistic Diversity
Documentary Film Festivals Vol. 1 Methods, History, Politics.Vallejo, Aida, Winton, Ezra (Eds.)
Written by Antía López Gómez, Aida Vallejo, Mª Soliña Barreiro and Amanda Paz Alencar, this chapter argues that research about minority-language films can be highly enriched if focused on the documentary genre. In opposition to the artificial imposition of dubbing practices, documentary films favour subtitling practices, providing the means for…
The Algorithm Is Not My Boss Anymore: technological appropriation and (new) media strategies in Riders x Derechos and Mensakas
Contracampo-Brazilian Journal of Communication
This paper studies how a group of delivery workers in Barcelona were able to organize a successful traditional and a social media strategy in order to claim for their rights as wage workers. They created a union, RidersxDerechos, and they also decided to create a worker’s cooperative, Mensakas, with their…
Underrepresentation and distortion of identity in mass media during labour dispute: The case of the Bershka workers
Sociología del Trabajo
News in mass media is still a battlefield during labour conflicts, even if social media has an increasing role because media are a pressure strategy and conflict socialization space. Workers usually fight against silence and distortion. This paper analyzes media coverage on the larger strike developed against Inditex, that has…
Filmar a Terra. A paisaxe como cuestión de clase
Marcas na paisaxe. Para unha historia do cinema en lingua galega. Margarita Ledo Andión (coord.)
Film and subtitling in Catalonia
Policies, Practices and Strategies (2015-2017)
Ponencia Convidada en Foro Internacional ‘As linguas e o cinema. Indicadores para un programa europeo de subtitulado’. Universidade de Santiago de Compostela
Jaume Ripoll: ”En Filmin creemos que es necesaria la distribución de películas en lenguas minoritarias”
«We decided to create the website filmin.cat because we considered that there was a need of coverage for the own production shot here in Catalonia or shot in Catalan and also for all those contents, series and films, feature and short films, that have been dubbed or subtitled in Catalan.…
La subtitulación cinematográfica en catalán en VOD: legislación y práctica
Ponencia en VIII International Conference on Small Cinemas. Diversity in Glocal cinemas: language, culture, identity. Universidade do País Vasco
Cine, Lenguas No Hegemónicas e Identidad
Subtitulado y Nuevos Territorios para la Diversidad
Ponencia en Congreso Internacional IAMCR 2017. New Discourses and New Territorialities: Cultural and political mutations and communication. UNIMINUTO
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