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Rocío del Pilar Sosa Fernández
Research Team

Audiovisual communicator from the Federico Villarreal University in Peru. She studied a master’s degree in Journalism and New Trends in Information at the University of Santiago de Compostela. She is currently working on her doctoral thesis within the PhD programme in Contemporary Communication and Information at the University of Santiago de Compostela. Her thesis is about The educational potential of virtual and augmented reality in university teaching.



CloudClass: Virtual Communication for Educational Innovation brings together the results of work representative of the many approaches and perspectives adopted in research on virtual communication, immersing the reader in the most innovative trends in communication applied to education. This book explores, among other issues, the following elements: analysis of the…
Augmented screen, triple storytelling and the role of the user: a case study
The present panorama shows a society saturated with images, driven by the use of mobile devices and constant audiovisual consumption. However, no greater skills are achieved in users, but on the contrary, there is evidence of a detriment in the rate of attention and the search for a differentiating product…
“You can touch it with your eyes”: hyperphotography, interview with Jean-François Rauzier
Hyperphotography, as an undercurrent of the broad concept of post-photography, has maintained a trend of high public interest for more than two decades. However, this media and socio-cultural attention is not being reciprocated by the academy. In photographic epistemology and analysis, one can find theoretical corpuses of a classical nature…
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