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12th edition of the Small Cinemas Conference
From Celluloid to Streaming: Conservation and Circulation of Small Cinemas

The flow of globalization has renewed the debate on centre-periphery inequalities. The irruption of new technologies for distributing, consuming and archiving cinema pose a challenge to small cinemas already fighting for a place in traditional screening venues and events. Small cinema products are now part of the Video on Demand…
Cinegalicia 2019 is online

Thirty years after the premiere in Vigo of Continental, Urxa and Sempre Xonxa, the first 35mm feature films released in Galician language, the staf of  A Cuarta Parede brought together more than twenty creators born after 1989 to reinterpret these films from different artistic approaches. Two researchers from the GEA,…
Small Cinemas, Small Spaces
10th Small Cinemas Conference

La décima conferencia anual Small Cinemas transcurrirá en la ICS-ULisboa del 25 al 27 de septiembre de 2019. El equipo de investigación del proyecto "EUVOS. Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial. Para un programa europeo de subtitulado en lenguas no hegemónicas" (ref.CSO2016-76014-R) presentará el panel "Aprofundar no pequeno: cinema e línguas não hegemônicas…
Carta da Galiza
O espazo lusófono e a eterna diáspora
«Ciberculture, regulation, cooperation are the three entries that articulated the XII LUSOCOM / III MEDIACOM congress, celebrated in Praia, capital of Cabo Verde, from 19th to 21st of October 2016. Departing from interconnected communication scenarios, it was an attempt to look for models of cooperation from difference, of arguing about…
VIII International Conference on Small Cinemas
Diversity in Glocal cinemas: language, culture, identity

A VIII Conferencia Anual Internacional sobre Cinemas Pequenos transcorreu entre os días 20 e 22 de setembro de 2017 no País Vasco, entre as cidades de Bilbo e Donosti-San Sebastián. Under the title “Diversity in Glocal Cinemas: Language, Culture, Identity” this congress, aimed to academics, policymakers and media industry professionals,…
Programación, promoción y circulación a través de los festivales de cine
Análisis del uso de subtítulos en lenguas no hegemónicas
Communication, Technology, and Human Dignity: Disputed Rights, Contested Truths
IAMCR Congress

The congress of the International Association of Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) will take place from 7th to 11st of July of 2019 in the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the UCM. The premise of this edition is Communication, Technology, and Human dignity, seeking to generate a cross-disciplinary debate that…
Public Policies, Diversity and National Cinemas in the Spanish context: Catalonia, Basque Country and Galicia
The 2005 Unesco Diversity Convention was an inflexion point regarding protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions. In the current global context, developing cultural policies and measures to nurture such creativity becomes key issue. Moreover, in the case of small communities in a minority situation where the cultural…
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