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Pablo Romero Fresco
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Ramón y Cajal hired at the University of Vigo, professor of Translation and Filmmaking at the University of Roehampton and guest professor of postgraduate courses at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the University of Vigo. He is the author of the volume Subtitling through Speech Recognition: Respeaking (2011), an external collaborator of Ofcom, the British state agency that evaluates the quality of the subtitles live in the United Kingdom.

He collaborates with Stagetext and the National Gallery in the UK, Ai-Media in Australia, Swiss TXT in Switzerland and the North-West University of South Africa for the implementation of  accessible subtitles on television, live events, museums, galleries and educational environments. He was a member of the first working group on accessibility to the audiovisual media at the United Nations (ITU). As a member of the CAIAC research group, he coordinated the subtitling part of the European project DTV4ALL. His current research focuses on the union among audiovisual production, translation and accessibility (accessible filmmaking).

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