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Montando «El mundo sigue». Entrevista con Rosa G. (Graceli) Salgado
The 27th of May of 2016 we visited in her adress in Madrid Rosa G. Salgado, editor of El mundo sigue and other thirteen titles of the filmography of Fernando Fernán-Gómez as director. Despite what is generally stated, her debut as chief editor was, in fact, El mensaje (1953), second…
The funny others on our screens
Stereotype, self-loathing and resistance in the audiovisual representation of Wales and Galcicia
Comparative analysis of humour in television and cinema narratives in Wales and Galicia in order to understand the evolution of both stereotypes.
Vida en sombras
El cine español en el laberinto (1939-1953)
The book, born from the homonymous season of Reina Sofía's Museum, seeks to give light to one of the darkest times of the Spanish film history. An age marked by the organization imposed by the dictatorial regime, that has arrived to our days with the heavy charge of clichés that…
Cine y exilio. Forma(s) de la ausencia
What could has been perhaps one of the causes of the republican defeat, that bustling disorder of the febrile and burning masses that  inhabit the war reports of the loyal band to the democratic government, would turn later into in the most painful procession of humiliated and mutilated people, barely…
“Volvoretas con las alas cortadas”
Algunas cuestiones sobre el cine español 1962-1976
Fóra de campo
Traumas históricos e persoais no cinema galego

Filmar a tribo
Filmar a tribo, filmar o íntimo no cinema galego contemporáneo
Filmar a pantasma
Filmar as pulsións
Formas e montaxes do desexo. As pulsións e os seus destinos no cine en galego actual
Filmar a ollada
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