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LEXCAV. The impact of the current Law 13/2022 on the audiovisual sector: towards a proposal for modification to combat the digital exclusion of the co-official languages.
Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities - State Research Agency/ ref. PID2022-142353OB-I00
Programa Estatal de I+D+i Orientada a los Retos de la Sociedad
The aim of this research project is the quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the impact on the audiovisual sector of Law 13/2022, of 7 July, General Law on Audiovisual Communication, with a special focus on independent audiovisual production in those geographical and linguistic frameworks that share official status with Spanish,…
“O mundo en 2023: Anatomía dunha policrise” by Ignacio Ramonet
Este seminario ambiciona explicar e clarificar la actual ecuación geopolítica mundial en sus diversas aristas.

The Covid-19 pandemic, almost three years ago (2020 to 2022), shook the planet. With a staggering human toll of nine million dead, more than a billion sick people, when a way out of the tunnel of the pandemic was beginning to appear, in February 2022, war broke out in Ukraine...…
Soliña Barreiro (GEA) will be speaking at the debate on linguistic plurality in the Galician audiovisual sector in the European Parliament.

Professor Soliña Barreiro will present the book Perante a nova Lei do Audiovisual: análise e perspectivas, of which she was the coordinator, and in which the Grupo de Estudos Audiovisuais (GEA) of the University de Santiago de Compostela compiles the main contributions of the conference, held at the Faculty of Communication…
12th edition of the Small Cinemas Conference
From Celluloid to Streaming: Conservation and Circulation of Small Cinemas

The flow of globalization has renewed the debate on centre-periphery inequalities. The irruption of new technologies for distributing, consuming and archiving cinema pose a challenge to small cinemas already fighting for a place in traditional screening venues and events. Small cinema products are now part of the Video on Demand…
Found in Translation: Film Festivals, Documentary and the Preservation of Linguistic Diversity
Written by Antía López Gómez, Aida Vallejo, Mª Soliña Barreiro and Amanda Paz Alencar, this chapter argues that research about minority-language films can be highly enriched if focused on the documentary genre. In opposition to the artificial imposition of dubbing practices, documentary films favour subtitling practices, providing the means for…
Cinegalicia 2019 is online

Thirty years after the premiere in Vigo of Continental, Urxa and Sempre Xonxa, the first 35mm feature films released in Galician language, the staf of  A Cuarta Parede brought together more than twenty creators born after 1989 to reinterpret these films from different artistic approaches. Two researchers from the GEA,…
Presentation “A foresta e as árbores”
At Cartabón bookshop in Vigo

The Audiovisual Studies Research Group will present in Vigo its last publication, A foresta e as árbores. Para unha historia do cinema en lingua galega (2). The event will take place on next Wednesday 10th of July at 20:30h in the Cartabón bookshop with the participation of Franciso Castro, director…
Linguas minorizadas, cinema e identidade
Da ausencia do galego na produción e exhibición cinematográficas
Anais do XI Congreso Lusocom
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