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Identidades al margen y en los márgenes

Frontera y laberinto en Arraianos (Eloy Enciso, 2012)

The film we are studying here, Arraianos (Eloi Enciso, 2012), emerges as a crossroad where the fictional and the documentary converge, where an anti-naturalistic representation of a space is confined, and of the human group that it inhabits, and a will of visual investigation of this space, in which the traces of a mythical past that has been shaping it remain. Built on the material of the physical space that explores and interrogates, Arraianos deploys a discourse that, supported also on the telluric and the popular, strives to account for the border character of that place, A Raia, between Galicia and Portugal, a borderline territory that has managed to conform an identity of his own. The analysis we make of Arraianos should be oriented, as well, with the help of the brands that inform of their hybrid nature. The film analysis that we propose to carry out should, therefore, address that other space to which the film opens, the one of a certain transcendence that does not shirk the big questions, at the same time that it will be necessary to attend a film that it is situated on the territory that it explores, relying on both the telluric and the popular.

Author: Fernando Redondo Neira Year: 2015Titulo: Identidades al margen y en los márgenes Category: Scientific article Title magazine/book: Fonseca Journal of CommunicationNumber: 11Beginning page: 159Ending page: 174City: SalamancaCountry: EspañaEditorial: Universidad de SalamancaISSN: 2172-9077URL:
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