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Os amorodos de Bergman
Premio Ramón Piñeiro de Ensaio 2018
Between 1925 and 1934, the group of excursionists called Sociedade Amigos do Campo shot about one hundred films that showed their interest for the landscape. These travel films, instead of exceptional events, gather up trivial moments. Fernando Redondo Neira's essay departs from that film register, without montage or other complements,…
Novo Cinema Galego
Cartografías audiovisuais trazadas desde a periferia
Carlos Velo y el documental español de los años treinta
Diáspora en feminino
El documental en España: espacios de lo político
The development of the political documentary film in Spain has been conditioned by a historical itinerary that has resulted determinant in the almost absence of a consolidated tradition of audiovisual militancy from non-fiction. Nevertheless, and despite the obstacles, the format has going on reinventing itself from the adversity to conform…
Del doble al autor
Medios sociais e ensaio documental feminista
Un filme político, por favor
Alterity, the passage through the experience, that bite in the apple without the temptation of the snake; the body, the selfreference; the invisible spaces, inside the family, roles well in sight. The documentary film as inscription-truth. And the journy: the  next one that takes the fair distance for coming back…
Documentalismo contemporáneo: da inocencia á lucidez
Documental y nació
Políticas públicas e identidad: Québec-Canadá.
A new way of inserting reality into documentaries. The wide-angle lens apparatus, as part of the relationship between the film and the viewer, make Les Raquetteurs (1958, by Michel Brault/Gilles Groulx) a good example of the direct before the direct cinema. The street, the ritual, the sense of belonging, the…
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