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Homenaxe da Asociación Española de Investigación en Comunicación (AE-IC) ao Dr. José Marqués de Melo
Arqueoloxía(s) do saber
A crítica feminista desde as orixes até a actualidade
«Un her article “The Crisis of Naming in Feminist Film Criticism”, published in Jump Cut in 1978, Ruby Rich recuperated the main events and publications of the feminist film criticism of the decade, as well as the premieres of the first feminist films according to this criticism. Rich thus made…
Llega FilminCAT: el portal de vídeo bajo demanda de cine y series en catalán

Coinciding with the 10th anniversary celebration of Filmin, on friday 2nd of June FilminCAT arrived, the fist platform of video on demand of cinema and series integrally in Catalan accessible from Spain and Andorra.
Jaume Ripoll: ”En Filmin creemos que es necesaria la distribución de películas en lenguas minoritarias”
«We decided to create the website because we considered that there was a need of coverage for the own production shot here in Catalonia or shot in Catalan and also for all those contents, series and films, feature and short films, that have been dubbed or subtitled in Catalan.…
Linguas, globalización e interculturalidade. Unha reflexión desde o galego

Neoliberal globalization tends to reduce the value of the languages to their economic dimension, lessening them to merchandise (comodification). The old notion of linguistic-cultural community suffers from the competence of the new idea of linguistic market. On the other side, globalization also erodes the status of the official languages in…
Vous avez dit “Carlos Velo”? / Did you say “Carlos Velo”?
Un filme político, por favor
Alterity, the passage through the experience, that bite in the apple without the temptation of the snake; the body, the selfreference; the invisible spaces, inside the family, roles well in sight. The documentary film as inscription-truth. And the journy: the  next one that takes the fair distance for coming back…
Uxío Novoneyra. Letras galegas 2010
O(s) sentido(s) da relación Galiza-Países lusófonos
Dedos no texto: conversa con Antonio Tàpies vinte e oito anos despois
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