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Renaiming Itself. Nuevas definiciones en el cine contemporáneo

The idea of ​​renaming the cinema from certain practices, taking a position and aspects that are not well regulated, when not made invisible, took shape in the conjunction of the use of technologies as a resource for diversity policies and a growing critical commitment, as well from the Academy, to incorporate new notations: cinema of small nations – with or without State -, independent, collaborative, identity … that are, perhaps, the sign of that other discourse called to define the role of production cultural as constitutive of the right to “small” does not disappear in the labyrinth of stereotypes, spectacularization and, above all, market reason. A change of attitude, which extends from VO in non-hegemonic languages ​​to the use of the network as a space for exchange and dissemination, permeates the encounter and debates of people who, from areas as different as the institutional, educational or the creative, we are working a territory called “cinema”, not only as a set of films, but as mediation and as a political and aesthetic representation. The response  and authors who intervene with and through film, of the incorporation of dilemmatic variables into conventional analysis, of experiential universes as research material are part of the difference that this monograph poses.

Author: Margarita Ledo Andión , Begoña Gutiérrez Year: 2015Titulo: Renaiming Itself. Nuevas definiciones en el cine contemporáneo Category: Scientific article Number: 11Beginning page: 5Ending page: 8City: SalamancaCountry: EspañaEditorial: Universidad de SalamancaISSN: 2172-9077URL:
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eDCINEMA: Towards the European Digital Space. The role of small cinemas in original version.
Financing Entity: Ministerio de Economía e CompetitividadeStart Date: 31/12/2013End Date: 31/12/2015I.P.: Margarita Ledo AndiónParticipating Researchers: Margarita Ledo Andión Enrique Castelló Mayo Antía López Gómez Marta Pérez Pereiro Ana Isabel Rodríguez Vázquez , Demetrio Brisset, Francisco Apillaga, José Gabriel Ferreras, Begoña Gutiérrez, Miren Manias, Mª Ángeles Martínez, Francisco Reyes, Francisco Sierra, Javier Sierra, Xosé Soengas, Mónica Valderrama Participating Entities: Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Universidad de Málaga, Universidad de Murcia, Universidad de Salamanca, Universidad de Sevilla, Universidad del País Vasco, Universidade de Vigo
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