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El documental en España: espacios de lo político

The development of the political documentary film in Spain has been conditioned by a historical itinerary that has resulted determinant in the almost absence of a consolidated tradition of audiovisual militancy from non-fiction. Nevertheless, and despite the obstacles, the format has going on reinventing itself from the adversity to conform a counterstory able to question the Power. The present debate seeks to analyze the current state of this type of documentary in our country, to define the relation that establishes with the audience, to detect its modes of distribution and to understand which place it holds in relation with the international political documentary film.

Author: Margarita Ledo Andión , Jordi Revert, Mercedes Álvarez, Georgina Cisquella, Isadora Guardia Year: 2016Titulo: El documental en España: espacios de lo político Category: Scientific article Title magazine/book: L’Atalante. Revista de Estudios CinematográficosNumber: 22Beginning page: 97Ending page: 116ISSN: 1875-3730URL:
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