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Lusophony: Interactivity and Interculturality

The Lusophone countries constitute a plural and asymmetric geo-linguistic space with a common thread, a division of languages of the same linguistic system of inestimable value of use and of change for the circulation of products of the cultural industries.

The project of research and development “Lusofonía, Interactividade e Interculturalidade” seeks to locate the obstacles, with and beyond the linguistic issue that hinders this potential reality.

On this purpose, the following guidelines are marked:

  1. To produce a typological sample, which includes film and television fiction in various formats, documentaries and animation, based on catalogs offered by audiovisual companies.
  2. To make an analysis of contents according to the localized categories. To carry out a systematization of certain motifs and modes in dramaturgy, which could work as staging indicators and the dominant styles in audiovisual creation in Galicia.
  3. To analyze comparatively the reception that the members of the groups make of these products and to compose a thematic, formal and typological classification of the products that experiment a better circulation.
  4. To extract, from the conclusions of this analysis, results and recommendations for its application in this field, configured by a linguistic loop that is not habitually incorporated in the discussions on the exchange of people, ideas and products in globalization.
Financing Entity: Xunta de Galicia. Programa IN.CI.TEStart Date: 02/10/2008End Date: 31/10/2011I.P.: Margarita Ledo AndiónParticipating Entities: Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Universidade da Beira Interior (Covilha, Portugal), Pontificia Universidade Católica do Río Grande do Sul (Porto Alegre, Brasil), Universidade Federal da Bahia (Salvador de Bahia, Brasil) Universidade Lusófona de Guiné Bissau (Guiné Bissau)
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