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GEA’s IFP Sara Calvete Lorenzo attends CIFEX Cafés next April 12th

The fellow member of the Centro Interdisciplinario de Investigacións Feministas e de Estudos de Xénero de la USC (CIFEX) is also a PhD in the Grupo de Estudos Audiovisuais del Departamento de Comunicación de la USC. The activity of presentation of the pre-doctoral research will take place next April 12 from 14.00h to…
Registration open for the eighth edition of CO(M)XÉNERO

The cinema of me and from me, the cinema process as a reflexive formula, the cinema essay as a method of thinking about the world through images and as a method to let images recover their weight will be the practices that we will address in this eighth edition of…
La revuelta en la mirada: Las imágenes del tiempo en el cine de vanguardia europeo de los años veinte
Avant-garde filmmakers travelled through modernity rescuing images and times discarded by the dominant visual and historical discourses. Cinema allowed them to give vent to a joie de voir not only for the pleasure of astonishment, but also for the disarmament of the discursivisation of life, of the image and of…
12th edition of the Small Cinemas Conference
From Celluloid to Streaming: Conservation and Circulation of Small Cinemas

The flow of globalization has renewed the debate on centre-periphery inequalities. The irruption of new technologies for distributing, consuming and archiving cinema pose a challenge to small cinemas already fighting for a place in traditional screening venues and events. Small cinema products are now part of the Video on Demand…
The film ‘Nación’, by Margarita Ledo Andión, distinguished by the ICAA for promoting gender equality

The Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA) recognizes  Margarita Ledo Andión‘s latest film as “Especially recommended for the promotion of gender equality.” The entity, dependent on the Ministry of Culture and Sports, grants this distinction to films that promote the elimination of prejudices, stereotyped images, and roles based on…
Soft monies/Hard realities: fronteira, tecnoloxía e xénero nos primeiros vídeo-ensaios de Ursula Biemann

Uma câmara só para ela: A construção de identidades através do cinema

A creación do suxeito feminino no cinema
Inicios, consolidación e novos camiños da teoría e crítica feministas
Illas espello
Illas descoñecidas

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