"Tag: Gender"
Acciones (in)diferentes, tensiones latentes
Diáspora en feminino
Mujeres viendo mujeres
Vestigio y extrañeza: sobre la obra de Bernardo Tejeda
El cuerpo, esa insoportable lengua comunal
Medios sociais e ensaio documental feminista
Un filme político, por favor
Alterity, the passage through the experience, that bite in the apple without the temptation of the snake; the body, the selfreference; the invisible spaces, inside the family, roles well in sight. The documentary film as inscription-truth. And the journy: the  next one that takes the fair distance for coming back…
Chantal Akerman. Cult filmmaker, woman and transgressor
Summer seminar
This seminar proposes a biofilmographic journey that locates Akerman's cinematography in the convergence of feminism with the new European cinemas and with the American experimental cinema. At the same time, the multidisciplinary nature of the author stands out and, especially, the journey of her work from the big screen to…
VI Xornada Universitaria Galega en Xénero

April 15th will be the deadline for submission of communications to the VI Xornada Universitaria Galega en Xénero, rganized by the gender equality units of the three Galician universities, which will take place on June 14 in A Coruña. Under the theme (RE)BUILDING KNOWLEDGE, the sixth edition will focus on…
Women and Innovation in the Intermedia Arts
Under the program "Culture is a right"

On the 8th and 9th of April the Colon Theater hosts the conferences Women and Innovation in the Intermedia Arts. The event aims to explore the connections between digital networks and performing arts, in order to become a motor of creative innovation and contemporary thinking. It also incorporates a gender…
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