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CO(M)XÉNERO X. Images of the crime

Feminist photographic practices.

On 8 and 9 April 2024, the tenth edition of CO(M)XÉNERO, organised by the Grupo de Estudos Audiovisuais (GEA), addresses feminist photographic practices, the spaces in which they are produced, the positions from which they are enunciated and their mechanisms of visibilisation.

Pilar Aymerich, winner of the National Photography Award 2021, captured with her camera the resurgence of rebellious women in the public sphere during the Transition (their own crimes, demonstrations, congresses, self-incriminations), with her we will review this new genealogy of the photographic image of women and with her gallery owner, Rocío Santacruz, we will think about the ways of circulating feminist documentary photography.

Laure Mojo‘s outsider’s self-recognition in her photographic projects will help us to ask ourselves from where women enunciate their images with freedom; and the work of photographic recovery in the form of a short film developed by Mar Caldas closes the circle with the recovery of a memory in absent images repressed by Franquismo.

Registration is free of charge until full capacity is reached. It will be open until April 5th through this form.



Title of the course: CO(M)XÉNERO X. Imaxes do delitoDescription: Prácticas fotográficas feministas, os espazos nos que se producen, as posicións dende as que se enuncian e os seus mecanismos de visibilización.Dates: 08/04/2024 - 09/04/2024Location: Facultade de Ciencias da Comunicación, Santiago de CompostelaLength: 8h.Inscription:
08/04/2024Facultade de Ciencias da Comunicación, Santiago de Compostela
CO(M)XÉNERO Permanent Seminar on Communication and Gender
Start Date: 12/11/2018End Date: 15/11/2023I.P.: Margarita Ledo AndiónParticipating Researchers: María Soliña Barreiro
Permanent focus of discussion and formation on the role of the media in the structuring of society, with special attention to the informative and cinematographic visibility of gender identity(s).
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