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CO(M)XÉNERO 3. Cibersexism. Violence & Videogames

Permanent Seminar on Communication and Gender

The persistence of the androcentric discourse in the contents, the editorial line and the organizational structures of the current media and creative industries reflects and perpetuates an asymmetric and dysfunctional society that silences and disables divergent positions

In order to put an end to this disabling dynamic, the construction of audiences and collectives formed in critical thinking, capable of analyzing, deconstructing and even beginning to reverse the representations and sexist structures present in the media is a need.

The third edition of CO(M)XÉNERO organized by the Audiovisual Studies Research Group and the Office for Gender Equality of the University of Santiago de Compostela focuses on the video games sphere to note the stereotypes and gender inequalities in how games build their narratives as well as in the development of women as players, casters, trainers, creators and programmers, revealing their social significance. At the same time, the seminar analyzes the recurring scenarios of violence in this context in order to find communicative and educational tools to start changing the gaming space.

The seminar is aimed at communication students, researchers, professionals and people interested in analysing mass media and creative industries from a critical perspective. Registration is open until 15th November.

The third edition of CO(M)XÉNERO is financed by the State Pact against Gender-based Violence (Ministry of the Presidency, Relations with the Cortes and Equality) and the Xunta de Galicia through the Call for the Consolidation and Structuring of Competitive Research Units-2017, from which the GEA is a beneficiary.

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Monday, 18th November


16.00 h. Reception and presentation of the 3rd Edition of CO(M)XÉNERO. | Margarita Ledo Andión, professor of Audiovisual Communication and Publicity (University of Santiago de Compostela) & Marta Pérez Pereiro, teacher and researcher at the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the University of Santiago de Santiago de Compostela.

16.15 h. Conference. Technology and Social Change: women can’t miss that train. | Nieves R. Brisaboa. Director of the research group Laboratorio de Bases de Datos (Database Lab). Professor of Computer Languages and Systems (University of A Coruña). Winner of Spanish Computer Science Award in 2019.

17.00 h. Conference. Women as creators, protagonists and users of video games and transmedia products. | Dhaunae De Vir. Business developer of video games and transmedia products. Former semi-professional player.

18.00 h. Break.


18.15 h. Workshop 1. Developing video games from an inclusive perspective. | Beatriz Legerén Lago. Teacher specialized in video game design and development at the University of Vigo. Writer and designer of interactive products and video games. Olaia Ferrando. UI/UX Designer. Illustrator. Researcher in the field of video games. | Number of seats: 25


18:15 h. Screening & Debate 1. Tropes vs. Women in Video Games (Anita Sarkeesian, 2013-2017) – VOSG. Audiovisual works about sexism in video games.

  • 25 Invisible Benefits of Gaming While Male (Sarkeesian 2014, 5’)
  • Ms. Male Character (Sarkeesian, 2015, 25’)
  • Jade – Positive Female Characters in Video Games (Sarkeesian, 2015, 11’)
  • Body Language & The Male Gaze (Sarkeesian, 2016, 8’)

21.00 h. End of session.

Tuesday, 19th November


16.00 h. Workshop 2. Women in video games: designing characters from an inclusive perspective. | Luz Castro Pena. Teacher specialized in digital creation, designing, developing and commercialization of video games at the University of A Coruña. Co-founder of imaxin|software. | Number of seats: 25.


16:00 h. Screening & Debate 2. Women, men and video games. Audiovisual works about sexism in video games.

  • Mujeres+Videojuegos (Marina Amores, 2015, 30’)
  • Hombres+Videojuegos (Marina Amores, 2016, 23′).


18.00 h Overwatch exhibition game | Minia «Samku» Monteagudo & Javier «Gamer Vidal» Martínez, eSports casters and members of TitanMedia.

19.15 h Discussion panel. A fregar! Acoso e sexismo nos videoxogos. [Make me a sandwich! Sexism and harassment in video games].

Moderator: Marta Pérez Pereiro. Teacher and researcher at USC.


  • Marina Amores «blissy». Audiovisual communicator specialized in video games and gender. (videoconference)
  • Luz Castro Pena. Teacher and researcher at UDC. Co-founder of imaxin|software.
  • Dhaunae De Vir. Business developer of video games and transmedia products.
  • María Fernández Hermida. Game Environment Artist & Writer. Women in Games Ambassador.
  • Olaia Ferrando. Graphic designer, illustrator and researcher.
  • Beatriz Legerén Lago. Teacher and researcher at UVigo and writer.
  • Minia «Samku» Monteagudo. eSports caster and member of TitanMedia.

21.00 h. End of the seminar.

Recognition for PhD Students in Contemporary Communication and Information.

Attending the seminar can be recognized as a training activity for the students of Contemporary Communication and Information PhD Program. Students need to complete all the activities of one of the three itineraries of the seminar.

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Title of the course: CO(M)XÉNERO 3. Cibersexism. Violence & VideogamesDescription: Permanent Seminar on Communication and GenderDates: 18/11/2019 - 19/11/2019Location: Facultade de Ciencias da ComunicaciónInscription:
18/11/2019Facultade de Ciencias da Comunicación
CO(M)XÉNERO Permanent Seminar on Communication and Gender
Start Date: 12/11/2018End Date: 15/11/2023I.P.: Margarita Ledo AndiónParticipating Researchers: María Soliña Barreiro
Permanent focus of discussion and formation on the role of the media in the structuring of society, with special attention to the informative and cinematographic visibility of gender identity(s).
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