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Un filme político, por favor

Alterity, the passage through the experience, that bite in the apple without the temptation of the snake; the body, the selfreference; the invisible spaces, inside the family, roles well in sight. The documentary film as inscription-truth. And the journy: the  next one that takes the fair distance for coming back transformed into a product of the ‘industry of conciousness’. The political cinema with its most persistent expression in the film-document: The road to Guantánamo, by Michael Winterbottom. And as a source of animation the political cinema of the sixties.

Author: Margarita Ledo Andión Year: 2006Titulo: Un filme político, por favor Category: Article Title magazine/book: Andaina, revista galega de pensamento feministaNumber: 44Beginning page: 28Ending page: 31City: Santiago de CompostelaCountry: Galicia (España)Editorial: Asociación Galega da Muller Pan e RosasURL:
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