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El Paradigma Mercantil en la Generación de la Cultura Mediática: Experiencia vs. Consumo

The generation of the more recent media culture as a huge mosaic points to communication media and, more widely, to cultural industries, as their main authors. The cultural grid resulting will answer to a series of characteristics analysed, such as segmentation, excision, disconnection, and incoherence, but also the tendency to homogenization of what is generated. In this sense, the so called mass culture would have already promoted on brad scale consumption of identical events and proposals. On its behalf, in what now is called consumption culture, we will appreciate a tendency to personalize the offer, to the increase of interest in the technology and to the establishment of consumption pattern as form of relationship with cultural production. A remote relationship, hence, of the communication model and distant to the aesthetical experience supported by art.

Since then, a series of consequences would have come up: the commercialization of cultural identity or the loss of reference to place as socialized space, among others. And all that, as an unequivocal symptom of a process in which the economical logics would have taken control of political code, as well as of the cultural systems. In the meanwhile, there will be lost any function of the culture apart from its capacity of delight, in particular, there will be lost its condition sphere for the inscription of the subject, the subjectivity, that entity that can be found beyond the individual with ideological character, with socioeconomic status, with citizen identity. Then, the devastation of places for the inscription of subjectivity, for its survival, without as culture, occidental people have offered any resistance, and hence, we will have set aside the conformation to the background, in favour of the material conformation, the most coarse, the closest one to the principle of survival, to nature, to a certain degree of animality.

Author: Antía López Gómez Enrique Castelló Mayo Year: 2004Titulo: El Paradigma Mercantil en la Generación de la Cultura Mediática: Experiencia vs. Consumo Category: Scientific article Title magazine/book: Razón y Palabra. Primera revista electrónica en América Latina especializada en tópicos de comunicaciónNumber: 39Editorial: Federaçao Lusófona de Ciencias da ComunicaçaoISSN: 1605-4896URL:
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