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Cine Documental. Cibercultura, tecnologías de proximidad.

Cyborg automatism and cultural hybridization are at the base of an expansive terminology that indicates, in the present, the implication of technology in personal and political experience. Documentary cinema, one of those objects in which the brand of the technological device is part, at the same time, of the relationship with the real and the formalization of that real, entered fully into the ‘I film’ as a commitment. And if beyond ‘performative’ issues – such as the speed of access to recorded or stored materials; the multiplication of combinatorias in the editing; the relation between the raw and the cooked, the vestige and the virtual; the screen as a passage …- we look for a contemporary symptomatic variant of a way of thinking about the use of technology as constitutive of a work, the feminist documentary essay is a good test example.

Author: Margarita Ledo Andión Year: 2015Titulo: Cine Documental. Cibercultura, tecnologías de proximidad. Category: Scientific article Title magazine/book: Telos. Cuadernos de Comunicación e InnovaciónNumber: 100Beginning page: 81Ending page: 83City: MadridCountry: EspañaEditorial: Fundación TelefónicaISSN: 0213-084XURL:
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