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Registration open for the 3rd edition of CO(M)XÉNERO

The 18 & 19 of November takes place in Santiago de Compostela the 3rd edition of CO(M)XÉNERO – Permanent Seminar on Communication and Gender, organized by the Audiovisual Studies Research Group (GEA) and the Office for Gender Equality of the USC. This time, the seminar puts the focus on video…
Seminar on Online Criticism and Programming
Organised by A Cuarta Parede and (S8) Mostra de Cinema Periférico

A Cuarta Parede returns to the (S8) Mostra de Cinema Periférico to continue theorizing about experimental cinema. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the exhibition, the II Seminar of Criticism extends beyond the dates of the festival with an ambitious proposal that has the support of Acción Cultural…
Permanent Seminar on Communication and Gender
The persistence of the androcentric discourse in the contents, the editorial line and the organizational structures of the current media reflects and perpetuates an asymmetric and dysfunctional society that silences and disables divergent positions. In order to put an end to this disabling dynamic, the construction of audiences and collectives…
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