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The media through the prism of the Spanish audience: a matter of confidence
This research aims to identify the news consumption preferences of Spanish citizens in terms of their choice of channels and journalistic brands, and the reasons that justify them. It also analyses media subscription conditions and evaluates the use of digital channels and mobile devices for access. This is a quantitative…
YouTube as a press distribution channel in Spain
We are witnessing an unprecedented development of web traffic in digital native newspapers, so that we can already refer to a manifest coexistence between these media and the matrix ones. This emerging phase of the natives as reference media in the Spanish press allows us to identify a revitalization of…
Social perception of journalism in Spain
Journalism is undergoing substantial changes derived from technological evolution and the social interaction that this evolution makes possible, especially the participation of the public in the construction of the storytelling. Apart from the traditional and digital media, new parajournalistic formulas are allowing the circulation of false or malicious content. These…
Intersections between TikTok and TV: Channels and Programmes Thinking Outside the Box
The rise of the TikTok social network has caused the media to confront the younger generation. The platform, which hosts dances, challenges, and funny short videos, has unique features that force a reinvention of social networking strategies. Television has become social and has expanded to new platforms, while young people…
Conventions and disruptions in the coverage of political events in linear and social TV. 2019 26M election night analysis
Through a mixed method, the linear (live), social (social media) and audience participation (live-tweeting) offer during the special information program of March, 26th 2019 electoral night in La 1 of TVE and La sexta is analysed. We had the hypothesis that television consumption has changed with the competition of VoD-OTT…
Perceived Effectiveness of Established and Innovative Media Accountability Instruments in Spain. Comparative Analysis in Andalusia, Euskadi, Catalonia, Galicia, Madrid and Valencia
The perceived effectiveness of established and innovative media accountability instruments is analyzed in Andalusia, Euskadi, Catalonia, Galicia, Madrid and Valencia, and by means of a survey conducted among journalists, focus groups with media consumers in each community, and in-depth interviews with experts. Some differences are observed across professionals, citizens and…
La retransmisión de un acontecimiento solemne
Entre el espectáculo y el protocolo. La sucesión del papa.

O diario post-televisivo

De xornalismo en lingua galega
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