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La retransmisión de un acontecimiento solemne
Entre el espectáculo y el protocolo. La sucesión del papa.

O diario post-televisivo

De xornalismo en lingua galega
Consolidation and structuring. GPC GI-1786 Audiovisual communication: contents, formats and technology
Consellería de Cultura, Educación e Ordenación Universitaria
Seminar on Responsible Media and Critical Societies. Efficiency and acceptance of conquest surrender in Galicia
Presentation of the results of the project MediaACES (MINECO/FEDER, UE, ref: CSO2015-66404-P)

On Thursday, November 29, 2018, the Faculty of Sciences of Communication of the USC will host the seminar Responsible media and critical citizens. Efficacy and acceptance of accountability in Galicia, in which the results of the R+D+i project 'Accountability and Journalistic Cultures in Spain will be presented. Impact and proposal…
Hacia el Total View y la medición integrada: la televisión pública y su conexión con la audiencia
Total Brand / Total View / Total Audience, total, integrated and crossmedia measurement, is the immediate final destination of the changes that are being made in audience measurement systems. Although not all the value is quantitative, public television, like the rest of the media in the current digital communication ecosystem,…
Audiencias crossmedia: nuevas métricas y perfiles profesionales en los medios españoles
The relation between infomediary sector and audience measurement is tight: six out of ten entities cited by Spanish companies as data & information source providers are closely related to this area of audience measurement. The media convergence leads to loss of value of some former studies. Alternative sources are used,…
From transmedia to repurposing journalism. Elpais. com press coverage about case of ebola in Spain
Transmedia storytelling has become a useful strategy for fiction, documentaries, and for marketing and corporate communication. However, the study of this new tool applied to journalism and reporting has received less attention and has been more recent and theoretical. The aim of the present work is to determine whether or…
Transmedia or repurposing journalism? News brands in the era of convergence
Compared study os Greek elections coverage by El País (ES), The Guardian (UK), La Repubblica (IT), and Público (PT).
Journalism is once again facing a context of technological and social changes. The current stage is characterized for being mobile, multi-screen, and visual. Citizens have adopted with ease the new mobile media for content consumption. Transmedia narratives emerge as structures that can help creators to adapt contents to all platforms…
Proximity cyber media from Spain and Portugal in social media: channels for strengthening bonds with local communities
The evolution of social media is transforming proximity cyber media, especially the impact these models have on local communities. The evolution of the new media ecosystem over the past ten years has involved the proliferation of proximity cyber media, both born-digital and digitised media. Only time will tell whether these…
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