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La renovación del periodismo en la sociedad en red

The journalism has become complex in the complex contemporary society. Any approach to current journalism, for thorough it intents to be, always takes the risk of resulting partial because in the world panorama there are many journalistic nuances. There is not only one way of understanding journalism, despite there are some main principles assumed by professionals and society, through international organizations that have elaborates deontological codes of the profession, that must be accomplished to enter the common house of journalism. The model of dominant journalism has got along with a number of alternatives that have emerged these years and nowadays have live of their own. The slogan “another journalism is possible” has encouraged many initiatives in the five continents carried by known professionals of the information in different supports, with the most varied proposals.
Author: Ana Isabel Rodríguez Vázquez , Xosé López García, Carlos Toural Bran Year: 2016Titulo: La renovación del periodismo en la sociedad en red Category: Book Country: MéxicoEditorial: Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua
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