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La producción del presente social en Televisión

The increasing mediation of the experience, articulated by the so called communication media –and in a hegemonic way by the TV dispositive–, constitutes one of the defining elements of the configuration of the individual and collective reality in modern societies. It is a mediation whose intensity and omnipresence pushes the spectator, even if only sporadically, to question the «reality» of the events that are materialized, brief and flickering, in the TV screen: although maybe in the less occasions with the intensity experimented by those viewers that, on 11th of September of 2001, watched on live the shocking calamity caused by the two commercial aeroplanes that –after being kidnaped by suicidal terrorists– spread the destruction in the financial heart of Manhattan.

Author: Enrique Castelló Mayo Antía López Gómez Year: 2003Titulo: La producción del presente social en Televisión Category: Scientific article Title magazine/book: Publicación anual I/C. Revista científica de Información y ComunicaciónEditorial: Secretariado de Publicaciones de la Universidad de SevillaISSN: 1696-2508
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