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De la no ficción

On non fiction

Beyond certain narrative styles of non-fiction in fiction, what is posed – through such different authors (by genre, age and film culture) as Winterbotton or Marguerite Duras – is the relationship of personal experience with the way to give body, through a work, to that intensity that the real brings of the hand. While the modes of a genre film are adopted for certain documentaries and documentary films that allow us to access veiled territories -whether filming the work or reconstructing a non-place like Guantánamo-, when the autobiographical notation becomes an organizing knot, Crossing fiction and nonfiction is perhaps the way to express the desire for a certain future with pre-existing materials.


Author: Margarita Ledo Andión Year: 2010Titulo: De la no ficción Category: Scientific article Title magazine/book: L'Atalante. Revista de Estudios CinematográficosVolume: 9Beginning page: 5Ending page: 10City: ValenciaEditorial: Asociació Cineforum L'AtalanteISSN: 1885-3730URL:
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