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Galicia in NO-DO. Communication, culture and society (1942-1981)

The research project “Galicia in NO-DO. Communication, culture and society (1942-1981)” constitutes an analytical observation on the image of Galicia built from the newsreel, as a crucial instrument in the Franco propaganda apparatus and, consequently, indoctrination by the dictatorial regime. A meticulous film analysis was designed for this purpose, which allows us to access the deep, spectacular and informative understanding of each piece, revealing the formal and expressive procedures applied, as well as the construction of the idea “Galicia” that emanates from them.

Financing Entity: Consellería de Innovación e IndustriaStart Date: 31/12/2010End Date: 31/12/2011I.P.: José Luis Castro de PazParticipating Researchers: José Luis Castro de Paz
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