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A fan cinema. Fans and amateur recordings in the modes of representation of live music

Nowadays, concerts and other live events are no longer registered exclusively by professionals. In any performing, as in any field of daily life, we can see lots of mobile phones and cameras registering what happens. The generalized access to image capturing technologies that characterizes the digital era arises a series…
Propuesta de alfabetización mediática ante los estereotipos de género en los medios de comunicación.
Resultados y valoración de 'Rostros de Mujer'.
Educating today's society requires moving towards to new forms of literacy that promote a critical attitude towards the media, as a responsibility shared by various actors. In this paperwork, we propose an innovative resource to improve media education, aimed at different groups, addressing gender stereotypes that appear in different media…
Infome Orquestras de Galicia 2011/2012 (As verbenas)

Festivais de difusión identitaria. Máis alá da música

Comunicación e imaxe suxerida nas formacións orquestrais de Galicia

As a complement to the aesthetic and technical analysis of the posters of Galician orchestras, this work aims to deepen their discursive elements and detect the possible existence of latent discourses in the posters analyzed.
Comunicación e imaxe gráfica nas formacións orquestrais de Galicia

A popularización do fonógrafo en Galicia: 1878-1895

An approach to fan cinema: home recordings of pop concerts
This article explores the phenomenon of home recordings of pop music concerts as a possible example of a terminological proposal of “fan cinema”. Through the film analysis of numerous concert videos taken from the Internet and films that use it, the text aims to understand if fan identity determines the…
Festas e música popular en Sanxenxo na última década do século XIX. A visión dende a prensa

Do palco ao escenario. Unha aproximación analítica á industria da música nas festas populares de Galicia. (e-pub)

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