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AGAPI releases new webpage and image

The association celebrates its 25th birthday with this gift


On the occasion of its 25th years old, the Galician Association of Independent Film Production Companies (AGAPI) changes its webpage with a new design and functions, seeking to improve the offered output. In this way, the webpage will try to adapt to current needs of the market and become a useful tool at service of the audiovisual sector.

This new webpage is structured in sections though in order to make it usable and operational. It has a space for associates with the contacts of the companies. The catalogue allows the access to the last films made in Galicia. In the magazine, breaking and training news are collected, including two new sections of Reports and Yearbook that pretend to give all the sector access to qualitative data.

It also includes a section of employment for the publishing of job offers and allows the general audience to subscribe to the newsletter of news and notices, as well as the option of making a spontaneous candidature by sending the cv, which will be at associated producers’ disposal. has in addition a private area of restricted access to associates with documentation and reports.

AGAPI’s new image and webpage have been developed with the Grant and support of the Galician Agency of Cultural Industries(Agadic). The image and design of the header were in charge of the illustrator and artist Iria Prol, while the development of the webpage is a work of Explica Ingenieros.

Convócase o I Premio AGAG de guión en galego para longametraxes
A admisión de traballos está aberta até o 1 de decembro de 2019 e o galardón conta cunha dotación de 2.500 euros

A Asociación Sindical Galega de Guionistas vén de convocar o «I Premio AGAG de Guión en Galego para Longametraxe» cos obxectivos de potenciar a lingua galega no audiovisual, promover ás autoras e autores que escriben en galego e axudar a difundir o traballo das persoas asociadas a AGAG. O premio conta cunha dotación de 2.500 […]

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Registration open for the 3rd edition of CO(M)XÉNERO
The seminar focuses on video games to analyse sexism, violence and gender stereotypes

The 18 & 19 of November takes place in Santiago de Compostela the 3rd edition of CO(M)XÉNERO – Permanent Seminar on Communication and Gender, organized by the Audiovisual Studies Research Group (GEA) and the Office for Gender Equality of the USC. This time, the seminar puts the focus on video games, a field traditionally viewed […]

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International Conference ‘When Women Film’ starts in Grenoble and Lyon
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From October 2 to 5, the Universities of Grenoble-Alpes and Lyon host the international colloquium “When women film: the documentary in the Iberian Peninsula and the Latin American continent”. This interuniversity meeting aims to study the documentary production made by women from the countries of the Iberian Peninsula or the Latin American continent. Its purpose […]

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