Novas e Axenda Bota un ollo á actividade do GEA

“A Foresta e as Árbores” presented at CGAI with a screening of “Trote”

Margarita Ledo, Francisco Castro and José Luis Castro de Paz will introduce this collective work that explores contemporary Galician cinema


The Centro Galego de Artes da Imaxe will host on Friday 20th of September at 20:30 hours the presentation of the book A foresta e ás árbores. Para unha historia do cinema en lingua galega (2), edited by the Audiovisual Studies Research Group of the University of Santiago de Compostela and Galaxia editorial. The publication, that continues the series started by Marcas na paisaxe, builds a thematic itinerary around some of the most representative samples of Galician cinema shot in the last decades of 21st century.

The Audiovisual Communication professors of the USC Margarita Ledo Andión —coordinator of the volume— and José Luis Castro de Paz —author of the chapter «Filmar as pulsións»— will be in charge of the book presentation, accompanied by the director of Galaxia editorial, Francisco Castro. In the event, we will also enjoy the screening of Xacio Baño’s Trote, film selected in 2018 in the Locarno Festival and the San Sebastian International Film Festival, among others. The access is free until capacity is completed.


The first feature of the filmmaker from Lugo is part of the selection of analyzed films which A foresta e ás árbores uses to look around, from the perspective of the eight researchers that participate in the publication, the diversity of proposals that characterize the most recent Galician cinematography, with «obras de ficción por veces, documentais ou en pasaxe entre un e outro territorio as máis», claims Margarita Ledo in the prologue. «Nelas a experiencia de facer cinema emerxe como vieiro inescusábel para a expresión subxectiva; cada película semella querer atinxir a totalidade dos sentidos, abríndolle as portas á figura que mira, á espectadora, que sente que mira e que se sente mirada pola película; cada filme é un golpe de sorte, ese xogo de azar que un público, cada vez máis atento, demanda».

Other trees in the forest

Together with Trote, there are other works of filmmakers that also brought Galician cinema to commercial exhibition cinemas and to the main international festivals —Longa Noite, by Eloy Enciso; Matria, by Ávaro Gago; Trinta lumes, by Diana Toucedo or Dhogs, by Andrés Goteira among them— with proposals thar recover memory and no-told history —A viaxe de Leslie, by Marcos Nine; Esquece Monelos, by Ángeles Huerta— or those that wager for filming the work, the intimate or ourselves —Tódalas mulleres que coñezo, by Xiana do Teixeiro and Vikingland, by Xurxo Chirro, among other examples—.

The publication of A foresta e as árbores is framed in the research project ‘EUVOS. Intangible Cultural Heritage. For an European subtitling program in non-hegemonic languages’, funded by ERDF —European Fund for Regional Development— and the Ministeru of Science, Innovation and Universities-Statal Agency of Research.

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