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The Facultade de Ciencias da Comunicación holds the Simposium ‘Carlos Velo in memory. 110 years’


The Carlos Velo Foundation promotes the celebration of these conferences on the figure, work and legacy of the director Carlos Velo, which will take place at the Faculty of Communication Sciences from November 27th  to 28th. When the celebration of the 110th anniversary of his birth in Cartelle is aproaching, and under the title ‘Carlos Velo in memory. 110 years‘, the symposium brings together researchers and filmmakers such as Iván Trujillo Bolio, José Manuel Mouriño, Antonio Weinrichter, Miguel Anxo Fernández, José María Paz Gago, Emilio Carlos García Fernández, Xosé Nogueira, Fernando Redondo Neira, Xosé Enrique Acuña and Luis Álvarez Pousa.

The Faculty of Communication Sciences of the USC takes part in the organization of this event, which counts also with the collaboration of a team formed researchers of the University of Vigo and the University of Coruña who were members of the foundation as well.

For two days, the attendants will analyze several aspects related to the work of Carlos Velo or the reality of the different stages and social scenarios in which he lived in Spain and Mexico.

DAY 1. November 27

10:00 h. Conference
Iván Trujillo Bolio – The relevance of Carlos Velo in the scientific cinema in Mexico.

4:00 p.m. Round table
José Manuel Mouriño (Researcher, essayist and filmmaker) – See and give (se) to see: Carlos Velo and the Spanish filmmakers in exile in 1939.
Antonio Weinrichter (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) – Mechanisms for the construction of the documentary by Torero !.
Miguel Anxo Fernández (University of Vigo, Carlos Velo Foundation) – Carlos Velo, screenwriter and producer in Mexico.

6:00 p.m. Conference
José María Paz Gago (University of Coruña, Carlos Velo Foundation). Pedro Páramo: the adaptation of a classic of the Mexican novel of the twentieth century.

DAY 2. November 28.

10:00 h. Conference
Emilio Carlos García Fernández (Complutense University of Madrid, Carlos Velo Foundation) – Cinema in Galicia in the transition from silent to sound.

4:00 p.m. Round table
Xosé Nogueira (USC) – Carlos Velo in the Spanish cinema of the 30s.
Fernando Redondo Neira (USC) – Almadrabas: filmic images of tradition and modernity in the labor field.
Xosé Enrique Acuña – A necessary return to Moroccan Moroccan.

6:00 p.m. Conference
Luis Álvarez Pousa (USC) – Training and intellectual and political references of Carlos Velo.


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