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O sucesso dos cinemas menores

Baixo orçamento e alternativas cinematográficas no Brasil e na Galiza

This article discusses the existence of an increasingly prominent film industry that opera- tes on the margins of the commercial system and that, despite limited resources – both economic and technical –, presents notable visibility within the international festival circuit. Even though low-budget films from Brazil and the limited production from Galicia, the stateless European nation, do not seem to share comparable realities, they do share traits that, based on Deleuze and Guattari, we define as “minor cinema”, produced with reduced teams, low or no budget, and usually financed through incentive policies, with a distribution system best described as amateur.

Author: Silvia Roca Baamonde Marta Pérez Pereiro , Karine Ruy Year: 2016Titulo: O sucesso dos cinemas menores Category: Scientific article Title magazine/book: Eptic online: revista electronica internacional de economia política da informaçao, da comuniçao e da culturaVolume: 18Number: 2Beginning page: 125Ending page: 141ISSN: 1518-2487URL:
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