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Medios Públicos e Espazo Lusófono

Anuario Lusocom 2012

The multiple landscape in which the different public systems of communication of the lusophone space are developed constitutes the origin of the 2012 yearbook that, in addition to this wide and plural theme regarding gazes, analysed aspects and objects, delves into the discussion around questions of language and communication, ciberculture and, in this occasion, media and integration.

Thinking about lusophony as a material and intellectual project of communication, as a place for relation of knowledge and as territory of concrete proposals, leads us to a scenario, that of mundialization under neoliberal directives, where it is easy to lose feet when it comes of expression, information and communication, and the public media as piece of this citizen right.

The quick answer to the call for papers launched by AGACOM, responsible together with the LUSOCOM of the present number, indicates us that this imagined community, that of the lusophony, is itself, each time more, because it shares messages and rituals, manifest through the cultural and communication goods. May the winds be favourable.

Author: Margarita Ledo Andión Year: 2013Titulo: Medios Públicos e Espazo Lusófono Category: Book Title magazine/book: Medios Públicos e Espazo Lusófono. Anuario Lusocom 2012Beginning page: 1Ending page: 265City: Santiago de CompostelaCountry: Galicia (España)Editorial: AGACOMISSN: 2255-2243URL:
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