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Medios de comunicación móviles.

Potencialidades de las aplicaciones para smartphone de los medios de comunicación españoles de mayor audiencia

Mobile devices have come to stay. Both traditional and new media are making a commitment to walk with us in our pockets. The present article analyses the potentialities of mobiles (customization, geolocation, and multimedia integration) in the 30 most viewed Spanish media (press, radio and television). Results indicate that geolocation is the potentiality less explored whereas multimedia integration is the main advantage. In the comparing of media, press applications, in spite of being more complex, are also those that offer users greater adaptation options. The study constitutes a necessary photography of the situation of the Spanish media in the mobility scene.

Author: Ana Isabel Rodríguez Vázquez , Carmen Costa Sánchez, Xosé López García Year: 2015Titulo: Medios de comunicación móviles. Category: Scientific article Title magazine/book: Prisma Social. Revista de Ciencias SocialesNumber: 15Beginning page: 387Ending page: 414ISSN: 1989-3469URL:
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