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La mirada documental

There is a way of producing images that brings with it the inevitability of the viewer, the relationship between author, characters and representation, towards an out of field in which a caryatid maintains with his diaphanous hand the passage of time and the contingent construction of the time on the part of the spectator. The one and the many, in Porto or in Lyon a déjà vu is filmed: the factory and the factory outlet. An icon of modernity so that it can be recognized by the public right at the moment in which it is constituted as a spectator, that is, at the moment of projection. And if from orality we had been getting closer to the visibility, and if with the illusion of movement as well as the articulation of effects-truth we have been situating ourselves in the audiovisual, in the last decade, both for technological and ideological reasons, we enter –let’s say with the Gulf War– in the audio-virtual, where the spectator occupies a non-place.
Author: Margarita Ledo Andión Year: 2002Titulo: La mirada documental Category: Scientific article Title magazine/book: Temes de DissenyNumber: 19Beginning page: 47Ending page: 53URL:
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