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La metamorfosi del giornalismo: reinventarsi per essere piú utile.

Journalism of the third millennium is undergoing huge changes, a real metamorphosis, but the basic (the elements of journalism) remains. What have changed, though, are some techniques and processes of seeking, producing, and disseminating, due to the new technologies and the proliferation of communicative processes. Journalism has adapted itself to the new times, but it has been difficult because of the strong crisis that directly affects the profession practices: the lost of revenue by the industry in which journalism is framed, the bad practices, and the important challenges that the profession has not been able to meet. But journalism is in society and it needs to redefine its role for recovering the citizens’ truth, regardless of the fate of the different platforms.

Author: Ana Isabel Rodríguez Vázquez , Xosé López García Year: 2015Titulo: La metamorfosi del giornalismo: reinventarsi per essere piú utile. Category: Scientific article Title magazine/book: Problemi dell'informazioneNumber: 2Beginning page: 355Ending page: 368Country: ItaliaISSN: 0390-5195URL:
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