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Diversificar a mundialización

«We tend to think that producing content can become supported by public policies, but it does not seem so easy to ensure that a public is built in the same way. But it is also that the fact of producing content without building an audience makes useless the first of the tasks as far as the strangeness of social relations of communication. Building a public by articulating, for example, distribution and exhibition mechanisms, building it from the public interest  –access to what we could summarize as representations of reality from different origins and actors – means understanding “La culture au pluriel”, giving the turn language with which Michel de Certeau pampered us. It means observing the processes linked to its time, although that time is that of neoliberalism, that of its transnational legal measures and that of private interest as the supreme value of what was first presented to us as “Highway”, now as an Information Society».

Author: Margarita Ledo Andión Year: 2000Titulo: Diversificar a mundialización Category: Scientific article Title magazine/book: Eptic, revista electrónica sobre TICVolume: 2Number: 3Beginning page: 11Ending page: 24
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