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Diáspora en feminino e cinema

‘Forget who you are in order to be yourself/another’, says the voice and body in exile of the actor of Galician origin, Maria Casares, in Alain Resnais’s 1945 film, Gernika. So as not to forget the barbarity, the bombing of the civil population, the losses. To feel your body in someplace, beyond the loss, in the place where your feet are. Using this paradoxical idea and accompanied by cinema – which puts a face to that tragic characteristic of the century: the never-ending movement of masses of people driven by hunger, wars, persecution, catastrophes, etc. – we are going to search for a cinema in which territory is, uniquely, the desire to return. We are moving towards a definition of migrant cinema, of cinema of, and from, the diaspora, and following in the footsteps of what is feminine; we are moving towards the attitude of the filmmaker as a requisite of filmmaking to, ultimately, epitomise said migrant cinema via a brief journey through Cinema in Galician Language.

Author: Margarita Ledo Andión Year: 2018Titulo: Diáspora en feminino e cinema Category: Scientific article Title magazine/book: Cinema & Território, Revista Internacional de Arte e Antropologia das ImagenNumber: 3Beginning page: VIIEnding page: XVI
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