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Arqueoloxía(s) do saber

A crítica feminista desde as orixes até a actualidade

«Un her article “The Crisis of Naming in Feminist Film Criticism”, published in Jump Cut in 1978, Ruby Rich recuperated the main events and publications of the feminist film criticism of the decade, as well as the premieres of the first feminist films according to this criticism. Rich thus made a small archeology, that has been repeated periodically in this field, and pointed since its own title to a crisis. This crisis was for the author a scenario in which, departing from an explosive beginning in the amount and variety of feminist voices, it was still for concrete a name for the film directed by women and with subjects and aesthetics, if not news, at least with a rebel vocation against the representation modes and the aesthetic linked to the patriarchy, that had taken the image cannon since the starting of the cinematographic spectacle».

Author: Marta Pérez Pereiro Year: 2018Titulo: Arqueoloxía(s) do saber Category: Article Title magazine/book: A Cuarta ParedeNumber: 38URL:
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