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Mª Soliña Barreiro spoke at the European Parliament Intergroup on Languages

The professor stressed that "in order to protect the Galician audiovisual industry, the first thing to be done is a transposition that protects diversity".


The researcher and teacher Mª Soliña Barreiro from the Grupo de Estudos audiovisuais da USC spoke, through a video conference, in the presentation of the items proposed by the Iniciativa galega polo audiovisual (composed by A Mesa, AGAPI, AAAG, AGPTI, Crea, Asoc Guionistas and the GEA itself) to the report on the application of the European directive on audiovisual communication that the European Parliament is debating.
The delegation, which also included Marcos Maceira, president of A Mesa pola Normalización Lingüística, and Xosé Lois Ledo, from the Asociación Galega de Produtoras Independentes (AGAPI), defended equality for Galician in the audiovisual sector in the European Parliament, as proposed by the Xabarín Initiative unanimously approved by the Galician Parliament and the majority of Galician city councils. This presentation took place in the Intergroup on Languages, which includes members of all the groups in the European Parliament, as part of the development of the parliamentary report on the European Audiovisual Directive, which will clarify the terms in which the States must apply it.
The MEPs were informed that the presence of Galician is not guaranteed on equal terms with Spanish in screen quotas, advance financing, dubbing, subtitling, interfaces, websites and audio descriptions. It was also pointed out that the definition of “independent production company” included in the new state law should be clarified in the European directive on audiovisual communication services.

The intervention is available here.

The Faculty of Communication hosts an international focus group to analyse the potential of mixed reality in the university academic environment
The activity took place in the framework of the European project 'CloudClass: Low Cost, Mobile, Cloud & Template Based Augmented Reality Studio for Education' that the GEA leads in USC.

Two researchers from the Grupo de Estudos Audiovisuais de la USC, Roi Méndez Fernández and Rocío del Pilar Sosa Fernández, led this international focus group, in coordination with Jim Playfoot (WhiteLoop) and Kateryna Holubinka (Open Universiteit Nederland), in which a dozen members representing the diversity of the USC university community participated: faculty, technical staff and […]

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Call for papers for the 13th Viana International Film Conference until March 1st
The conference will take place at the Viana do Castelo School of Education.

The XIII Viana International Film Conference is a space for reflection and exchange of experiences aimed at building an international community of interests and to present projects related to the central themes of film and audiovisual: film and school, film: art, science and culture and photography and memory. The 13th edition will take place in […]

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Enrique Castelló participates in the podcast “La tribu hereje”.
GEA coordinator discussed inclusion and the digital gap

Enrique Castelló, professor of Communication Sciences at the USC and coordinator of the Audiovisual Studies Group, presented a scenario that demystifies unfounded stigmas, which revolve around digitalisation and emerging technologies, inclusion and the digital divide in chapter 4 of La tribu hereje. A podcast against ageism that is based on intergenerationality as a vaccine against […]

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