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Neuromarketing y seguridad vial: evaluación de la respuesta emocional ante anuncios televisivos de divulgación de la seguridad vial mediante software AFECT, Cued Review y test de recuerdo.

Since its inception, marketing has been oriented to the study of the effects of advertising, to deepen the knowledge of our way of acting and the demonstration that purchases are made from an emotional point of view and are subsequently rationally justified . In this sense, one of the most sought elements to achieve the effectiveness of a campaign is to discover that emotion that arouses a more effective response in the viewer and assess whether, after contact with the campaign, this emotion has been aroused in the selected target .

This work includes the combination of traditional market study techniques with the application of the AFECT (Automatic Facial Expresion Coding Tool) software for the recognition of basic facial expressions (happiness, surprise, trism, fear, disgust, contempt and anger). Assigned under academic license by the Machine Perception Technologíes, Inc., of the Unviersity of California, San Diego.

The design of the experiments includes the confrontation of a sample of subjects with three traffic announcements, in order to establish a comparison of the effectiveness of three proposals with different levels of appeal to fear. We have checked the emotional reaction of the subjects during the viewing of the ads, analyzing the facial expressions later, comparing them with the data obtained in the self-reports covered by the subjects.

In conclusion, in the present work, by means of the use of the AFECT software with which objective data of the awakened emotions are obtained and the later comparison of the results of the analysis with those obtained by means of traditional market study techniques, we have reached higher levels of knowledge of the consumer, their reactions and motivations, which will determine certain modes of action. The importance of the study points to an optimization in the achievement of the proposed objectives, for what it supposes a tool of demonstrated utility at the time of planning future lines of communication.

Author: Raquel Freire CoboDirector: Dr. Enrique Castelló Mayo e Julián Carlos Flores GonzálezReading Date: 13/11/2013
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