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La mediatización intercultural del espacio social: un análisis comparativo de los contenidos informativos brasileños y españoles

The aim of the present Doctoral Thesis is the study of the Intercultural Media Production of the Social Space in the News Contents, through the comparative analysis of the Brazilian and Spanish television news programs, “Jornal Nacional, SBT Brasil, Telediario 2 y Noticias 2”. We have shared our research into seven chapters: the first one was set for the methodological approach which will be developed by the research; The second one, for the study of the main thinking schools which have dealt with the effects of mass communications; the third one, for the analysis of the news production processes; the fourth one, for the phenomenon of the “media production of the reality” from the news contents; the fifth one, for the confrontation between the “structural” and “economical” factors related to the television models developed in both countries; in the sixth chapter, we will raise the new augmentations of the digital television of both countries in the programmes’ contents and in the forms of consumption; we have set the seventh chapter for the textual analysis of the news contents with a large audience in Brazil and Spain: the television news programs Jornal Nacional (Rede Globo), SBT Brasil (SBT), Telediario 2 (TVE1) y Noticias 2 (Antena 3); in the last chapter we draw the conclusions of the research. As the main hypothesis —the core of the integrating items of the analysis protocol—, we propose that, in the phenomenon of the media production of the reality, there is an unquestionable homogeneity in the summarized and immediate production of the news contents of the digital television which, daily, produce the social realities of Brazil and Spain.


Author: Amanda Paz AlencarDirector: Dr. Enrique Castelló MayoReading Date: 29/02/2012Mark: Apto Cum Laude
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