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Intangible cultural heritage. Towards an European subtitling program in non-hegemonic languages


Financing Entity: Agencia Estatal de InvestigaciónStart Date: 30/12/2016End Date: 29/12/2019Amount: 67.155,00€Participating Researchers: Margarita Ledo Andión
Cinegalicia 2019 is online
The cinema journal 'A Cuarta Parede' commemorates with a bundle of artistic creations the 30th anniversary of a milestone in the history of Galician cinema.

Thirty years after the premiere in Vigo of Continental, Urxa and Sempre Xonxa, the first 35mm feature films released in Galician language, the staf of  A Cuarta Parede brought together more than twenty creators born after 1989 to reinterpret these films from different artistic approaches. Two researchers from the GEA, Cibrán Tenreiro and Brais Romero, […]

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