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Creación de identidad de marca en contenidos televisivos: aplicabilidad de modelos teóricos a los formatos de entretenimiento en televisión

Television, like any other cultural industry, responds to a double nature: on the one hand it is a means of communication with possibilities to develop artistic content, on the other it is a business that, under different models, seeks the attainment of economic benefits. Despite this condition, it is not frequent in television research to study the television formats from the perspective of marketing.

Based on this initial consideration, this thesis raises the possibility of establishing a system for analyzing the stage of development of entertainment television formats based on the models of creation of brand identity proposed from the field of marketing that allows its subsequent application to the creation and analysis of contents.

Author: Alberto Dafonte GómezDirector: Dr. Jaime Francisco Fandiño AlonsoReading Date: 08/10/2010
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