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24th Manuel Reimóndez Portela Journalistic Prize

The call is open until the 6th of September for works published before the 30th of August 2019


The Fundación de Exposiciones y Congresos de A Estrada, the Concello da Estrada and the Deputación de Pontevedra, organize the 24th Manuel Reimóndez Portela Journalistic Prize, an award that is given to the best journalistic work or series of works (until a maximum of five) published in Galician language in any communication media.

The last edition recognized an article from the Audiovisual Studies Research Group member Fernando Redondo Neira, published in the magazine Tempos Novos, in which, under the title “Derivas e encrucilladas do novo cinema galego”, the journalist and researcher spreads one of our research lines:

«Namentres aquel sector do audiovisual que se percibe a sí propio como industria se mantén nun terreo reducido, que dificilmente se encamiña por un percorrido escaso de produción televisiva, hai outro cine máis pequeno pero máis ambicioso no estético. Un cine máis libre e arriscado pero que chega máis lonxe con menos, co paradoxo de que, certamente, tamén presenta serias dificultades para conquerir unha masa crítica que lle permita subir algún chanzo máis».

The contest is open to works published until the 30th of August of 2019. The deadline for submission is 6th of September and during that month the jury will make public its decision. The award, with an economic amount of 1.000 euros, will be delivered in the 32nd edition of the Furniture Exhibition from Galicia.

The authors or any reader can send a copy of the published works, with the publication date, the author and the media, the the headquarters of the Fundación de Exposicións e Congresos da Estrada or to the email address

+ info in the award bases.

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